SSL Consulting

Solving the toughest problems and delivering outstanding results

With over three decades experience in all things property, construction, architecture and strategic asset management we can tackle any challenge.

We work in partnership with some of the largest organisations who trust us with the most complex of problems.

Why do our clients choose to work with us?

Over 30 years experience in all things property

Our specialised knowledge and decades of experience give us the confidence to manage the most complex projects.

Whether it's understanding legislation, negotiating red-tape or installing comprehensive IT systems, our partners trust us to deliver elegant and timely solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes.

We drive efficiency through strategic innovation

Our strategic approach to project management enables us to create systems that maximise efficiencies at every point in the process.

Our experience and resources allow us to anticipate future innovations and integrate them seamlessly into even the most complex of systems.

Solving complex problems with tailor-made solutions

We understand that every project is different, requiring fresh thinking and open minds.

Our collaborative and creative approach allows us to consider every possibility and anticipate every challenge to ensure your project is elegantly executed.

What we do

Project Management

We manage complex projects with confidence and flair

Our people have the skills and knowledge to plan effectively, manage risk, maximise resources and meet deadlines with open communication, positivity and flair.

Design & Architecture

We offer creative, high quality, practical solutions

Whether our clients are building medical facilities, apartments, shopping centres or schools, we have the skills and experience to support their vision.

Asset Management

Strategic asset management is one of our superpowers

We take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to make the most of your human, financial, intellectual and fixed assets to optimise performance and maximise sustainability.

Property Maintenance

We take the stress out of property maintenance

Our clients enjoy complete confidence in knowing their buildings, critical assets, operations and occupants are given the attention they need to perform at their best.

IT & Systems

We guide our clients through this world of fast-paced change

By curating the perfect mix of existing and emerging technologies, we can seamlessly connect your systems to make life simpler for everyone.

Consulting & Advice

Consultation is the cornerstone of our business

The advice we offer is based on diligent research and a genuine commitment to the success of our clients. We have invested in a team of professionals, and work in close partnership with our clients.


No matter how bold or ambitious your project is, we can help you tackle the most difficult challenges.

From design and architecture to large scale construction or the complete redesign of complex IT systems, we are not afraid to tackle the big problems head-on.

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