Project Management

Our dynamic, people-based approach adapts intelligently to the changing nature of your project.

Structure and procedures are important, but our experience and knowledge allow us to adapt to almost any scenario.

We are never afraid to ask the hard questions, or to try new things so our clients can benefit from the latest cutting-edge innovation.

We hire and retain the best people. Teamwork is second nature at SSL and lays the foundation for a successful project

Our positive attitude is driven by a growth mindset which is why our clients enjoy working with us

Our credibility as a trusted partner lies in our impressive track record — we deliver results, not promises, and have done so for over 20 years

Design & Architecture

From education facilities, apartments, commercial, industrial, accommodation, hospitality spaces or residential homes, we can design your vision on time and to budget

Sustainability is critical, and we combine practical and clever solutions to ensure long-lasting outcomes

You can relax and leave the red tape to us — we have an eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of regulative processes

Our focus on intelligent design, from conception to construction, ensures nothing but the best.

Asset Management

Our clients profit from reliable data and insightful analytics that inform their important decisions.

Whether you have 100’s or 1000’s of assets to manage, no Property portfolio is too large

Our research and experience are second to none

Custom reporting, tailor-made for your business, gives you the confidence to plan and grow your investments

Our experience allows us to anticipate pitfalls and evaluate risk to proactively manage potential concerns

Property Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is critical to extending the life of your assets while sustaining an enjoyable and productive atmosphere.

We partner with the most trusted and highly skilled local contractors to ensure your properties continue to operate at peak performance — now and for the long term.

IT & Systems

Slow and out-dated systems cause frustration, waste time and kill productivity.

We can crunch all the data needed to answer the important questions and design the perfect system for your organisation.

With powerful analytics and technological innovation around every corner, we operate at the cutting edge, with a drive to make our clients’ lives easier at each juncture.

Consulting & Advice

Identifying, rationalising and solving your problems lies at the core of everything we do.

We don’t just make recommendations - we ensure a seamless implementation at every step of the journey, while expanding client learning for success in perpetuity.

We can advise on:

Business solutions

Streamlining operations

Strategic planning

Leadership development

Who do we help?

We support significant projects and those people who dare to dream big.

At every step of the journey, we can be trusted to think critically and use our decades of experience and specialised knowledge to anticipate and overcome problems, big or small.

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